Amb Emenike Proved Opponents Wrong with Excellent Performance as Nigeria’s First Female Ambassador to U.S

Vested Interests Had Vehemently Opposed Appointment of Woman to Head Nigeria's Embassy in Washington DC



With her outstanding performance as Nigeria’s first female Ambassador to the United States, Dr Uzoma Ikechi Emenike has made those opposed to her appointment to eat the humble pie.

Very few Nigerians might have been aware that some individuals and groups with vested interests had kicked against her appointment by then President Muhammadu Buhari to head Nigeria’s embassy in Washington DC.

This startling revelation was laid bare by High Chief Ikechi Emenike in his testimony during the annual family thanksgiving held on December 27 at St. John Methodist Church Umukabia Okpuala, Umuahia North Local Government.

He said that the surreptitious schemes by the traducers involved intense lobbying and scare mongering all aimed at convincing Buhari to change his mind and drop Mrs. Emenike from heading Nigeria’s most prestigious embassy.

Buhari: Resisted pressure from those opposed to Dr Emenike’s appointment as first woman to become Nigeria’s Ambassador to the U.S.


Emenike said that the people and interest groups that mounted the stiff opposition did everything possible to dissuade Buhari to drop Mrs. Emenike as Nigeria’s Ambassador to the U.S. just because of her gender.

According to him, when Buhari souhyt to know why they were opposed to Mrs Emenike’s appointment the only reason her traducers gave was that is a woman. In their thinking a woman should not be entrusted with heading Nigeria’s Embassy in Washington DC, considered the flagship of the nation’s foreign missions.

However, Buhari did not yield to the immense pressure as he stuck to his decision to give Mrs. Emenike the opportunity to prove her mettle as a woman heading Nigeria’s mission in the U.S.

History was eventually made in January 2021 when Buhari confirmed Mrs. Emenike’s appointment, designated her as the Ambassador to the U.S and sent her to preside over Nigeria’s affairs in the U.S.

Chief Emenike explained that Buhari had refused to yield to pressure having been so much impressed with the academic, diplomatic and leadership credentials of Ambassador Emenike. She has multiple degrees, including Masters and PhD and had hitherto served as Nigeria’s Ambassador to Republic of Ireland and Iceland.

The Emenikes at the altar with praise and thanksgiving.


Emenike said he was happy that his wife has justified the confidence Buhari had reposed in her with the historic appointment, adding that she went to Washington and performed more than her male predecessors.

In her own testimony, Ambassador Emenike poured out her heartfelt gratitude to God for seeing her through in the tough assignment of heading Nigeria’s flagship foreign mission in Washington DC. She also thanked Buhari for standing by her in making history.

She noted that apart from discharging her duties creditably, Nigeria’s Embassy in the U.S was freed of indebtedness of any kind during her tenure and the nation’s image soared among the comity of nations.

All we can say is thank you Lord for the great things You have done.


Earlier in his homily, the Rev Joseph Madubuike commended Chief Emenike for his unwavering gratitude to God and his family’s trafition of thanksgiving.

The annual thanksgiving has been consistently observed by Emenike and his family for nearly two decades. This year, the family also expressed gratitude to God for the successful completion of Mrs. Emenike’s tour of duty as Nigeria’s Ambassador to the United States.

Abia APC Chairman, Dr Kingsley Ononogbu (first from right) led party members to the thanksgiving service.


Rev Madubuike in his homily, noted that Emenike, who was the 2023 governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Abia, has over the years kept faith with his resolution to always thank God “because he recognises” that everything comes from God.

He said that it has become all the more necessary that one must show gratitude to God for life and good health, given that 2023 was replete with “horrible incieents”.

Rev Madubuike stated that people should cultivate a heart of gratefulness and express it to God and to their fellow human beings in every possible way.

A cross-section of congregation as they sang in one accord


“It’s not only when we experience great things in our lives, like getting promotion or buying a car that we should show gratitude,” he said, adding that “we should show gratitude even for little things”.

The cleric lamented that “we have a generation of ungrateful people” and called for a change of attitude to embrace gratitude as it opens doors of opportunities, strengthens relationships and provides the access key to favours.

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