Ezem Berates Gumi over His Reckless Utterances, Attacks on Wike

Urges Tinubu to Ignore Misguided Calls for Wike's Removal as FCT Minister



The President/CEO of Cosmo Base Consortium Ltd., Rev. Benson Ezem has lambasted a controversial Muslim cleric, Sheik Ahmad Gumi over his call for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to remove Barr Nyesom Wike as Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Rev Ezem, who was reacting to viral video of Gumi saying unprintable things against the FCT, said that asking for Wike’s removal was an affront on the unifying status of Abuja as the nation’s capital city where every Nigerian has equal stake.

He urged President Tinubu ignore those asking him to remove the FCT minister for no justifiable reason other than he is a Christian and a southerner, adding that no section of the counrry should think that the FCT is their exclusive preserve.

Gumi had in a viral video questioned the appointment of Wike as FCT Minister and called for his removal and replacement with a muslim from the north, claiming that the FCT is their enclave.

Sheik Gumi: Appropriates FCT as enclave of northern Muslims.


But Ezem vehemently condemned the “misguided vituperation” by the Muslim cleric, warning him to stop deluding himself that only a northerner, who is a Muslim was qualified to be appointed as FCT Minister.

He also stated that the peace and unity of the nation would remain in jeopardy unless Gumi and his followers were cured of their warped mindset and sense of entitlement and ownership of the FCT.

“These divisive elements and merchants of religious and ethnic disharmony should not be allowed to have their way, else they would continue to constitute a clog in the quest for national unity, peace and progress,” he said.

Ezem noted that over the years the appointment of FCT ministers had been skewed in favour of the northern Muslims thereby giving people like Gumi the false belief that other Nigerians have no stake in Abuja.

He said: “It is important that people should know and understand the status of Abuja so that nobody should think that the FCT is the exclusive preserve of the north or any part of the country.

“The FCT was created upon the promulgation of decree number 6 of 1976(now an Act) to serve as Nigeria’s capital hence every Nigerian has equal stake and is qualified to be appointed FCT minister.

Rev Ezem: Condemned Gumi for his ungarded statements against Wike and appropriating Abuja for northern Muslims.


Ezem, who is a renowned architect and expert in infrastructure development, said that Mr. President did not make a mistake in Wike’s appointment to preside over the affairs of Abuja given the track records of the former Rivers State governor.

“Wike has the energy, zeal and political will to get things done. He will sanitise the FCT and restore its masterplan, which has continued to be abused,” he said.

A consistent advocate for true federalism, Rev Ezem reiterated his call for Nigeria to retrace its steps to “the good old days” when federalism was practised in its pure form and the federating units were engaged in healthy rivalry for development.

He said that it was wrong for people to think that any component section of Nigeria would not survive should the country revert to true federalism, adding that mineral resources, including oil is now found in other areas.

“Nigeria will be better for it if the nation is run as a federation with each of the federation units(regions or states) charting its own course of development without any encumbrances,” Ezem said.


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