Keep Your Olive Branch, We Won’t Touch It, PDP Tells Otti

Says Party Can't Be Cajoled By Governor to Abandon Opposition Role


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abia State has rejected the olive branch offered by Governor Alex Otti, saying that the party would provide stiff opposition to the government.

State Vice-chairman/Acting Publicity Secretary of Abia PDP, Hon Abraham Amah made the position of the party known Tuesday on a radio programme monitored in Umuahia.

Governor Otti had offered the olive branch to the opposition asking them to discontinue further litigation against him and join hands  with his government to rebuild Abia.

But the PDP spokesman countered that there was no sincerity in the governor’s offer hence the opposition party would not accept the olive branch.

“It’s a grandstanding statement and we cannot take him serious. It will only take a fool to believe him,” he said, adding, “We cannot take him serious”.

Amah said that Otti’s invitation to the opposition “is vague”, noting that it was not clear if the governor was asking the opposition to come over to his Labour Party or just to support his government.

According to him, there has been no communication whatsoever either from LP or Governor Otti to PDP or its governorship candidate, Chief Ambrose Ahiwe.

The Abia PDP spokesman further stated that it would be futile for the Abia governor to expect the former ruling party to work with him after all he has been doing to humiliate the party.

He alleged that Otti was behind the conspiracy that schemed PDP out and ensured that no principal officer emerged from the party in the 8th Abia legislature, even with its majority.

Gov. Otti: PDP questions his sincerity to work with opposition.


In his contribution, a chieftain of Abia PDP, Chief John Okiyi Kalu, flatly dismissed Otti’s offer of olive branch, saying that the governor should not expect the opposition to warm up to him.

Okiyi, who served as commissioner for information, and was later moved to trade and investment in the past administration, said that Otti had antagonised his predecessor throughout the eight years of the  government.

The former commissioner also faulted Otti’s call on his political opponents to eschew election litigations and channel the huge funds they spend on such matters to development of their communities.

He said: “Alex Otti did not sheathe any sword in 2015. Even after he lost at Supreme Court he was still claiming that he won. In 2019 he did the same thing after coming third.

“He(Otti) formed evil opposition against the government. My response to him is practice what you preach and preach what you practice”.

Okiyi stated that there was no way the governor could expect the opposition to take his hand of fellowship when “he has continued to gloat over the defeat of his

He, therefore, urged the Abia governor to brace up to be paid in his own coin by the opposition having not given Governor Ikpeazu any respite and has not said anything good about him.

“Do not expect to be done for you what you did not do for another person,” he said.

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