Ezem: Time Has Come for Nigeria to Entrench Rule of Law, Due Process

Urges Nigerians to Eschew Tribalism, Work Together for National Devt.



Absence of rule of law and due process of doing things as well as the pervasive tribal sentiments have combined to set Nigeria backwards, 63 years after independence, the President/CEO of Cosmo Base Consortium Ltd., Rev Arc. Benson Ezem has said.

He expressed this view as Nigeria marked its 63rd anniversary, saying that the efforts made all these years to build a developed nation has not materialised due to the self-inflicted drawbacks.

Ezem,  therefore, called on all genuinely patriotic Nigerians to come together and insist that rule of law and due process “must be entrenched in our national ethos”.

He said that Nigeria has continued to lag behind in development indices due to the absence of rule of law and due process in governance.

“There must be respect for due process and rule of law in government businesses, political governance and even corporate governance before the nation can start making a head way,” he said.

Ezem, who is a renowned architect and infrastructure development expert, was exasperated that after over six decades Nigeria is still groping in the dark and couldn’t get things right in any sector of the economy.

“At 63 our governors are going to Kigali (Rwanda capital) to hold a meeting on how to get things working in their states. Promises are made and not kept. There is a lot of deceit,” he said.

He said that people just do things their own way because people have not imbibed the culture of keeping to rules and regulations even when nobody is watching.

“Any development-minded person will tell you what he wants to do, lay out the outline and timeline for accomplishing it,” he said, adding that political leaders just make promises they don’t keep.

According to him, government businesses have become free for all with a plethora of “portfolio contractors” that contribute nothing to both infrasture national development.

He stated that the portfolio contractors move about in government circles to by and sell contracts without executing any contract, yet “they become billionaires without verifiable source of income”.

Ezem lamented that the nation’s economy has been bastardized so much so that Naira is spinning out of control while the federal government appears helpless.

“It’s so painful. Naira’s uncontrollable fall is a cause for concern because our country is just going down, down,” he said.

He noted that the free fall of Naira has exposed the economy as very unstable hence foreign businesses are pulling out while the local ones are in quandary.

Ezem, who is a minister of God called on Nigerians to return to God with sincerity of heart, saying that with genuine fear of God, both the leaders and the followers would work for the overall interest of the nation.

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