Disaster Looms in Abia Communities as Chinese Firm Abandons Road Project

Houses in Amokwe Amiyi, Oguduasa at Risk of Being Washed Away by Erosion


There is palpable fear in Amokwe Amiyi and Oguduasa communities in Isuikwuato Local Government of Abia State as erosion is threatening to wash away several houses following stoppage of work on a road project by a Chinese firm.

The alarm in the affected communities grow by the day since after a Chinese construction firm halted work on the Abia State University/Ahaba Imenyi Road awarded by the Federal Government for reconstruction.

As rains pound the area, flood water hurtle down in high speed making people apprehensive and waiting for the worse not knowing how much longer their houses could withstand the bartering of rampaging floods.

It was gathered that the Chinese firm abandoned the road project due to poor funding, after excavating much of the road preparatory to grading phase.


Amokwe Amiyi section of the ABSU/Ahaba Imenyi road now at the mercy of erosion.


Residents of the area said that with the top soil already removed, their community “has been exposed to erosion threats of unimaginable proportion”.

A prominent member of Amokwe Amiyi community, Senator Emma Nwaka told THISDAY that his community was already sitting on edge because “the flood speed is so high whenever it rains”.

“It is sad that the construction firm, knowing that they were going to stop work due to poor funding went ahead to remove existing (old) asphalt on that stretch of the road,” he said.

Nwaka, who is a former governorship aspirant, explained that, having dug up the top soil, the construction firm inevitably “exposed the sub soil to the vagaries of weather at the height of the rainy season”.

The risk of disaster is high due to the fact that Amokwe Amiyi is naturally prone to erosion as the area is sandy and sits on slopy topography.

“If this (high speed flood) continues unabated, the community stands the risk of being washed away,” he lamented.

“To make matters worse, the construction company abandoned the drainage system they are building half-way, which if it was completed, could have mitigated the flood problem,” Nwaka added.

Hon Amobi Ogah: Expected to draw attention of FG to the abandoned road project.


He called on Hon Amobi Ogah, the member representing Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency in the National Assembly to draw the attention of the Federal Government to the impending disaster.

According to him, the lawmaker should mount pressure on FG to release funds to the contractor to return to site and complete the road project.

Nwaka said that the save our souls (S.O.S) message from his people should be treated with the promptness it deserved “to save Amokwe Amiyi and Oguduasa, all in Isuikwuato from being washed away”.

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