Abia @ 32: We Owe Next Generation Sacred Duty to Make Abia Attain Full Potentials, Says Otti

State Now on "Right Track" for Development, He Assures Abians


Abia State governor, Mr. Alex Otti has said that his administration has taken it as a “sacred” duty to make the state actualise its full potentials for the benefit of the incoming next generations.

He stated this in a statewide broadcast Sunday to mark the 22nd anniversary of Abia, saying goodbye that he was already working with vigour to attain the set goal.

“Our (founding) fathers fought for the creation of this state in the confidence that its potentials for greatness would be best actualised by becoming a distinct entity, defined by peculiar traditions and values of the people,” he said.

Otti, who mounted the saddle of Abia leadership on May 29, 2023, vowed the making Abia great is a task that must be done, adding “we cannot afford to fail, for that would be the ultimate betrayal”.

He said that the founding fathers of the state, fondly known as God’s Own State,  had lofty dreams and expectations and having passed the torch down to us and “we must keep it burning”.

The Abia governor noted that amidst the various programmes lined up for the celebration of Abia at 32, the anniversary “offers us an opportunity to think deeply and reflect”. He also want Abians “to look at how far we have come and think about how farther we can go”.

“We have come a long way but the road ahead is still far. While we pat ourselves on the back for having come thus far, we must have it at the back of our minds that our founding fathers expect so much more”, he told Abians.

Otti stated that with victory at the poll on March 18, 2023, “a new chapter was opened” for Abia as the state finally got the opportunity “to elect the kind of leadership we believe the state deserved for so long but has never had”.

According to him, the leadership that Abia had been yearning for and have indeed braved the odds to put in place is “a leadership dedicated to unlocking the dormant potentials of our land”.

Otti said that he is “humbled humbled to be bequeathed with the kind of trust no single individual has ever enjoyed in our long political history.

“My promise, which is renewed daily, is that I would spend every waking hour of my days in office working to justify the confidence”.

Otti: My Administration Will Unlock Abia’s Full Potentials.


The first Abia governor to emerge from the opposition party said that the state is now “on the right track” having assembled some of Abia’s “accomplished sons and daughters to join me in the onerous task of leading the state along the path that guarantees superior outcomes”.

He noted that he has entrenched a “governance architecture that is a marked departure from the past”, adding that it was already producing tangible results.

“I am pleased to report that in the last two months, we have got hundreds of very interesting proposals from national and global conglomerates that are seeking to do business in the state.

“We are looking at hundreds of new production facilities and plants across all parts of the state with interests that cut across all sectors of the economy.

“From agriculture to clean energy, entertainment and beverages, real estate and much more, Abia, I can say is open for business,”  Otti declared.

He said that with the incoming investments, he was “already excited” at the prospects of huge employment opportunities for local contractors and multiple streams of support to the local economy.

“Beyond what we have achieved in terms of tangibles, it may interest you to note that we are also very keen on refining governance processes and systems for efficiency and transparency,” Otti stated.

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