Ministerial List: COSEYL Slams Tinubu for Shabby Treatment of South East

Says Mr. President Manifests Open Hatred for Ndigbo


There is anger and a sense of forebodement in the South East geopolitical zone following the completion of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s phased ministerial nominations.

At the end of it all, Tinubu has assembled a team of 48 ministerial nominees with the South East getting the short end of the stick with a total of five slots for the entire region.

This unfair allocation of ministerial nominees has prompted the Coalition of South East Youth Leaders(COSEYL) to slam President Tinubu for his unbridled display of “rabid hatred and nepotism” against Ndigbo.

The group expressed its anger in a  statement issued by the President General, Comrade Goodluck Ibem, saying that it was alarmed that Tinubu has continued the institutional marginalisation of Ndigbo, which his predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari elevated to new heights.

COSEYL, which prides itself as  the apex sociopolitical youth group in the South East geopolitical zone, said that with this first shabby treatment from Tinubu, the zone might as well prepare for bitter pills ahead.

“The recent ministerial nomination has shown Tinubu hates Ndigbo,” COSEYL cried out, adding, “this attitude of President Tinubu smacks of hatred and wickedness against the people of South East”.

According to the coalition of youth leaders, it has turned an irony that President Tinubu “who swore to protect the constitution of Nigeria and treat all Nigerians equal has shown his hatred and disdain for Ndigbo by shortchanging the South East region.

“This, he has done by not giving the region additional ministerial position the same way he gave to other geopolitical zones.

According to COSEYL, “it is disappointing that President Tinubu gave the South West and North West additional three ministerial slots, dished out two each for North East, North Central and South South while South East got no additional slot.

“This action goes a long way to tell us that, had it been the constitution did not provide that a state must provide one ministerial nominee, the people of South East would have been denied the opportunity of nominating a minister under (Tinubu) administration”.

“It is unconstitutional to share ministerial positions or political offices based on votes or electoral considerations . It is the height of corruption to do so.

“Democracy is about the people and not political compensation for political loyalty or votes”.

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